Are you experiencing a tightness in your chest, racing heart, nauseous belly, irritability, worst-case scenario thinking, sleepless nights, panic buying, or numbing out with food, alcohol or gambling?

***These are just a few of the common symptoms***

If so, you are like so many of us suffering with anxiety right now.

If your days are becoming uncomfortable and unbearable and you would like tools to feel better, while strengthening your mind and body to ensure optimal immunity, this course is just for you!

Living in the fear of the unknown tends to wreak havoc on our systems.

Our brains only job is to keep us safe, therefore it is always looking for danger.

Well, today, it feels like danger is all around us and we cant even know the full impact of it just yet. 

This is why you are feeling anxious.  You and me.  And the rest of the world.

But, I got you.  There is a way to Tame Your Anxiety so I have created a series of courses to help you right now.

In this module you will:

  • Learn how danger/ threats/ trauma affect your brain and body (particularly your nervous system), and how your nervous system creates anxiety.
  • Gain awareness on how the anxiety is showing up for you
  • Learn 5 therapeutic techniques to calm your nervous system to therefore tame your anxiety
  • Practice & Apply the tools with me as your guide
  • Get access to my fave go-to resources

So, if you are ready to reduce your anxiety by calming your nervous system,  to feel more at ease in your body and more at peace in your mind, lets get started today.

Because let's be honest...this is SO HARD and we need to be our STRONGEST for ourselves and our loved ones.

I hope this serves in such such meaningful and life-changing ways!

With SO much love,

XO  Brooke Jean

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome from Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    Start Learning & Healing

    • Why Taming your Anxiety Matters
    • What is Happening in your Brain & Body?
    • Anxiety Self- Assessment
    • 5 Techniques to Regulate your Nervous System
    • 5 Techniques Hand Out
    • Practical Application - Belly Breathing
    • Practical Application - Belly Breathing
    • Practical Application - Meditation/ Guided Visualization
  • 3

    Making it all STICK!

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
    • Book a FREE consult with me today!

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