Sweet Mama:

Do you feel worried, overwhelmed, anxious, less than, and weighted down doing ALL.THE.THINGS.?

Do you struggle to see the good in yourself as a Mom?

Do you feel bad asking for help or that self-care is selfish?

Do you feel, like no matter what you do, there will never be enough of you to go around?

Do you feel like something is always suffering?

You could be suffering from Mom Guilt.

That heavy, unpleasant feeling that gets in our way of being and feeling our best.

What if I told you that a huge piece of what’s creating that Mom Guilt and weighing you down is UNCONSCIOUS?

And, what if I helped you see that you truly and wholeheartedly are good enough while also inspiring you to make yourself a priority to level up!

To step into your power more intentionally than ever to create a life that is FULFILLING at every level…

This self-paced, 4-module,  fiercely impactful course will provide the opportunity to:

  • Identify how Mom Guilt shows up for you because it's different for every mama
  • Discover unconscious beliefs you have around what it means to be good enough so you can re-write the rules of your own life
  • Learn to re-wire your brain to notice the good in things, starting with yourself
  • Choose ONE THING to level up on that has been causing Mom Guilt
  • Learn tangible coping skills for managing Mom Guilt, or any intense feeling

So you can be done with this emotional burden that I promise, is no longer serving you.

Are you ready to?

  • Feel and BE your best
  • Have more ENERGY
  • Stop battling with yourself internally
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and any other unpleasant feeling
  • Clear out what’s no longer serving you
  • Live more consciously, mindfully and INTENTIONALLY

Mama - make yourself a priory and invest in 30-45 minutes a week to do this transformative work.  

It's YOUR time to feel lighter and brighter because we need your light more than ever these days, mama.

You are so worth the investment.

And so are the things that matter most to you.

Join me on this journey today, I would be honored to be your guide, back to your truest most authentic self.


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Kick Mom Guilt to the CURB!

    • Welcome Mamas! SO happy you're here.
    • Housekeeping: How to get the MOST out of this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    {MODULE 1} Mom Guilt Self-Exploration

    • Explore how Mom Guilt shows up for you and what UNCONSCIOUS beliefs you have that are driving your Mom Guilt.
    • Exercise: Belly Breaths + Guided Visualization
    • Summary + Key Points
    • Hand Out 1: Application + Homework
    • Continued Action
  • 3

    {MODULE 2} Own your STUFF, Sister

    • Own your Gems and Grems: Re-wire your brain to notice the good and choose ONE THING to level up on to remove Mom Guilt.
    • Summary + Key Points
    • Hand Out 2: Application + Homework
    • Continued Action
  • 4

    {MODULE 3} DEFUSION - A mindfulness based TOOL to help you Navigate the Guilt

    • Use this game-changing therapeutic tool - DEFUSION - when feeling STUCK in Mom Guilt or any other intense feeling.
    • Summary + Key Points
    • Hand Out 3: Application + Homework
    • ACCELERATE Your Work
  • 5

    {MODULE 4} Tying it all together to make LASTING shifts

    • Re-write the rules of what it means to be GOOD ENOUGH
    • Summary + Key Points
    • Hand Out 4: Application + Homework
    • Self-Care Tid-Bits just for you, Mama!
    • Before you go...